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Up to now you have seen captcha protected web pages and a captcha form that doesn't really send anything but just shows your input.

How about a fully working captcha form which actually sends off the information inserted by the user ?

Before I show you this example, just a few observations on using captcha on the same page or even inside along with the form.



As far as I can see there are several problems going about implementing captcha inside forms :

some implementations of captcha mean one has to set up the form fields in a blind way, meaning creating the form in php and not in a visual web editor such as Dreamweavere or FrontPage, and if we remember that the whole point of this web site is on the lines of 'Captcha for idiots like myself ' - or webmasters and designers who are not versed even in html, ... then creating a form blindly is a real pain in the neck.

Much better - at least for myself - is to be able to modify a form's aspect graphically - for example using Dreamweaver or FrontPage to create the form, and then somewhere in there to stick the stuff that calls and executes the captcha part.

But creating a form graphically and then adding on the captcha also has it's drawbacks for programming dummies.
Even in this scenario a .... medium to average level of fiddling around with html tags, including the php within the html, and all sorts of programmers gobbledegook that webmasters like myself have difficulty with necessary.

The worst captcha problem though is not to so much the implementation if one knows how, but the having to fiddle around and re-designing, re scripting, re programming perfectly good forms which you already have on your web site and could carry on functioning in their own entity.
This big re-design problem is also something even the most expert of programmers have to address because even they will have to mess around with their already existing forms in both the form made blindly in code, php etc, and also where the already existing form has to have modifications to it to add the captcha php etc to it.

If I have a web site with 3 forms on it, and either way have to modify each one, I'd much rather stick just two separate files into each form folder, or even the root of the site, and then just link to the forms from these and leave my old forms alone.
If it works why break it ?
And no, it's not easy to modify a form if the form is done in PHP and one has no understanding of PHP and has already spent a fortune in getting the form to be programmed by a php programmer.
Much better to leave the form alone.
And more to the point, I have 60+ websites so imagine if I had to redesign about 40 forms since from the 60 sites about 40 of them have individually created, designed ..and believe it or not programmed forms which I myself would hate to have to start modifying with my very limited knowledge of php and even html.

So what we will arrive at in due course, is implementation of captcha completely separately from the actual form, and in a captcha nutshell - to be able to implement captcha with no knowledge of programming, no knowledge of html code and ABOVE ALL - to implement captcha into your existing web pages and web forms without having to redesign 5 forms and other 10 pages.

AND, a big AND it is... without worrying if all the links that lead to our existing form still work.
This is important because say you have 10 websites and all of them link to your main web site to the main form there and this form is named form.html

Imagine if you had to create a new form which would then be named form.php
What a nightmare in going to all your 10 websites and having to change all the links to lead to the new form.




Back to the form with captcha which will send the content.

This is actually a very well thought out example of a web form with captcha inside it, and I first bumped into this at the beginning of my search for some sort of downloadable captcha form with lock stock and barrel included and up to now this had been the nearest I got to.
And I spent 2 whole days searching the web for a complete downloadable examples of captcha where no programming skills were necessary and am still searching.
By the time this web site is completed I will have all the captcha information I need on one site - and hopefully you too will find it useful.

Even this example below though has it's drawbacks and if you later go to their web site and read the instructions, which are very clear and exact but you are not a php programmer - then you will still have a headache in getting it all to work.
Not a solution for the non-programmer idiot, but at least a good start.

Check out this captcha web form.
[ this will open in a new browser window so when done, and after the open page has redirected to the main site index, just close the window and continue reading here ]


The above example as mentioned is probably the best captcha that I have come across, but it needs a lot of fiddling around with, the form is blindly created and modified via code only hence not an easy task for the non programmer.

Here is another example, which is a modification of the above, the code has been stripped down to the basics and in this case the whole captcha side is separate to an eventual form.

Click here to try this simple captcha example

You will then be redirected back here



What is missing up to now is a complete captcha form, where captcha is implemented at the bottom of the actual form AND if the code is inserted correctly - the content of the filled out form will be sent to the webmaster.

See this final example of the captcha form you tested previously, where your input was just shown to you but not sent.

This version of that form will not only show and confirm back to you your inserted input
[ the form fields you filled out ] but will also send off the form to an e-mail address:
Fully functional captcha form



So what is the complete, usable and functional captcha solution ?
For the web designer and web master who has little or no knowledge of PHP, does not want to redesign his 20 websites and 15 web mail forms but just needs a simple, fast and easy to implement captcha solution ?

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