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The best way to use this captcha information web site is to start at the first main site captcha index entry page and read through that page, see the links there and then continue the captcha tutorials as they are presented one after each other.
In all you will find 6 main captcha pages to go through.

If then you want to hop from one captcha section to another here below is this captcha site's map in a logical sequential navigation.

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The first six links here are the walk through guide to understanding captcha ( a bit ) - but go all the way to the download files and how to implement them ON YOU WEB SITE without knowing one iota of php.

1 - How to use captcha.
Captcha introduction and examples of captcha

2 - Forms without captcha.
Web forms examples without the use of captcha

3 - Forms using captcha.
Web forms that use captcha

4 - More examples of using captcha in forms.
Captcha implementation in web forms

5 - The captcha solution anyone can use on their website
What the here suggested captcha solution is and is not

6 - Captcha download and implementation of captcha explained
A step by step guide in implementing the captcha solution.
Here you can also download the captcha files for your own implementation and use

6a - Captcha for the short sighted - implementation of large readable captcha
Similar to the above except that we are dealing with a large captcha for the short sighted, which can be tweaked, and freetype support must be active on your server



How to insert Captcha inside a web form - free download
A captcha tutorial which explains and offers downloadable captcha php files to consent the captcha generating sequence and verification to be included directly inside a web form

Captcha for more advanced web masters with some php know-how:

How to modify a captcha image


Online examples of Captcha:

Using captcha

Another example of captcha

Captcha within a web form

Very simple captcha

Captcha clock anyone ?

Fully functional example of captcha and form

Large, BiG, GIANT Captcha, with captcha image tweaking options



[ Captcha tutorial in italian ]

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