Captcha programmer ?

( you gotta be kidding ! )

captcha image


Sheesh !
.. and this guy reckons he has
something to say about Captcha ?!!

Errr... exceuse me ...but don't I ?

To cut a a short story even shorter...

I have been making my bread and butter since 1996 via the internet.

HTML code is a foreign language in itself to me but with Dreamweaver I have managed to put together decent websites from which I make a reasonable living.

Javascript ?
If needed, I can get together various js code, mess around with it and personalize it to my needs.

You must be kidding.
But a good friend of mine who is probably the top php programmer in Italy will programme anything complex I need in php.

Captcha ?
I just got fed up with my web sites being innundated with form spam, did a search on google, and ....... ran up against a wall of captcha advice websites which just did not present the captcha solution to an idiot like myself in a comprehesive and do-this-then-do-that manner - and so decided to do something about it myself to create a platform for captcha idiots like myself.

If you have a problem with this and have a better and more informative captcha web site for idiots ... or let's be a bit more civil and say ... for the average good webmaster whose knowledge ends at a bit of javaScript modification ... then feel free to let me know and I will add a link to your website under the captcha links page.

Do I actually know, or do anything without scrounging from elsewhere ?
SEO, and how to implement search engine optimization is probably the fuel which keeps my businesses going and ... correct me if I am wrong, that's how you found this site in the first place isn't it ?

I also used to produce multimedia cds up to 2001 (in Lingo and Macromedia Director) all of which went into commerce in Europe and in all were 103 individual interactive productions.
Only stated so that you don't conclude that I really am an absolute moron.


Concerning the captcha scripts displayed on this websete.
These were gathered from various sources on the web and I hope that due credit was given to the initial authors on the captcha links page.

The captcha for downloading are a mixture of those I found, with a few modifications from my italian programmer friend Tonino.

And I have gone to extreeme lengths not to infringe on anyones copyright, or the simple missuse and abuse of someone elses work by placing links to all the resources that have been tapped into on the captcha links page, but if anyone should find any discrepancy in this statement, please feel free to let me know your quibble which I will do my most immediate best to correct.

Any captcha contributons, corrections, betterments, captcha debugging and constructive suggestions to any part of this website or captcha scripts here contained will be higly appreciated and can only contribute to this small effort in trying to diminish the obnoxious plague that spam is.

You can contact me by going to this .. yep, you've guessed it...
captcha protected sector


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