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How to use captcha : part 3 of 6


Form example with the use of captcha


Here we have the captcha form, being a form
with captcha implemented directly inside the form.

The spammers bot in this case cannot even get at the e-mail address
in the source code because it's not there, and if he tries to access
the actual captcha.php document he won't be allowed.

And without inserting the captcha generated image
the bot won't be able to send the actual form.

Go ahead and try it.
But after sending the form, then from the validation page click back
in your browser and continue reading from the bottom of this form.

You can fill this form out.
The form will go nowhere but the information you insert
will be shown to you in the validation results page

Please insert the requested information below and you may win

Company :
If you are not a company leave empty
  City:   Region
Comments :

(erases all data inserted up to now )

Ready ? Ok, but before you click 'Send Form' please insert the same letters and numbers you see in this image into the box to your right ->



So up to now, you have seen a few examples of captcha:
Captcha used just to protect a page without a form,
and captcha included in the web mail form itself like the example above.


Your captcha knowledge by now should tell you that:
the form without captcha or the so called form-for-dummie-webmasters,
is open to all sorts of fiddling around by bots,

but you have also tested one form which does use captcha along with it,
where the bot may have some difficulty and in most general uses of captcha,
after the manual insertion of the captcha generated image, this form
would have been sent and the webmaster of this web site would have
received the filled in information.


So this is what captcha is all about.
Or most people think so

Captcha is about preventing bots and their spammer masters hijacking
your forms, using them to spam once or a million times, from filling in forms blindly,
and many other reasons why bots are used.

For example:
Bots can mass buy or pre-order tickets for sports or music events,
subscribe for thousands of free e-mail accounts, click thousands
of votes or opinion choice about an article or a website etc. etc.

But implementing captcha in existing forms is a pain in the a$$.
It requires some programming knowledge, at least some php know how,
and also html knowledge.

How can captcha be implemented throughout a website with maybe 5 or
more forms without having to redesign, re program all the existing forms ?
Without php skills ?

Go to part 4 of 6 on understanding captcha:

Click here to find out how to implement captcha in web forms
without having to go and see your psychiatrist the next day.

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