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- who should start where.

The sections and pages on this web site are labeled in three ways:

you know very little or no PHP / HTML at all

you know some HTML and maybe how to fiddle with PHP scripts

you know it all

Each page or section will have one of the above labels and serves as an indicator to how complex or easy that section or setting up the captcha is.

Here is how the labels are classified:

1] For Captcha Beginners -
If you are completely new to captcha / php / html
If, like myself, you are a complete captcha idiot, which basically means that your knowledge of PHP and even HTML is limited or non existent, then you should go through the first 6 sections of this website.
These start from the index page and if you read each following page from top to bottom and follow the links then you will get through the first part of this Captcha explanation web site and will have enough Captcha know-how and resources to implement captcha on your own web site.
In these six initial sections you will see examples of Captcha used in forms or separately from forms, you will be able to download a test captcha folder which is ready for upload and use to your server and will allow you to test your server so as to verify that PHP is installed and that captcha works on your website.
You can then download a very easily and configurable captcha sequence which is so structured that you won't even have to change your existing web forms. No HTML or PHP knowledge required, very easy to implement and very useful even for the expert webmaster who has 20 web forms on his web site and does not want to modify them all but would like to protect them with Captcha.
Start here at the first of the six sections explaining the basics of Captcha.

2] For more advanced webmasters....

By advanced I mean that you have minimal knowledge of HTML and have basic knowledge of how a web form can incorporate PHP - in this case Captcha.
These sections and captcha downloads can also be used by PHP illiterates but presume that you have minimal knowledge in how to fiddle around with a form and how to modify a few lines of code inside a PHP document. By modify I don't mean writing or being versed in php code, but modifying a few parameters with a text editor.
If you have made web forms before, and implemented PHP documents on your website this will be dead easy for you and you don't need to go through the first KnowNothing section mentioned above.
Go here for more advanced explanations on the use of Captcha and a ready to use captcha inside a web form which you can download

3] For the experts

You know HTML inside out, can even do some or all PHP scripting and just want a few ideas for Captcha.
Then all you need to do is download some or all of the captcha examples from these sections of this web site and then mess around with them till your heart is content.
Click here to understand and download the most advanced captcha solution on this website where you can modify the size, font and colours of the actual captcha image. All documents included in the free captcha download are in PHP

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The six part captcha tutorial for beginners:

1 - How to use captcha

2 - Forms without captcha   

3 - Forms using captcha.

4 - More examples of using captcha in forms 

5 - The captcha solution anyone can use on their website  

6 - Free Captcha download and implementation of captcha

6a - Captcha for the short sighted - implementation of large readable captcha

More advanced captcha tutorials:

How to insert captcha inside a web form

Captcha for more advanced web masters with some php know-how:

How to modify a captcha image


Online examples of Captcha:

Using captcha  

Another example of captcha   

Captcha within a web form

Very simple captcha    

Captcha clock anyone ?

Fully functional example of captcha and form

Large, BiG, GIANT Captcha, with captcha image tweaking options



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